Chris Kluwe shouldn’t make jokes about the Dodgers-Giants fan stabbing situation

There’s a bigger, serious issue at hand when fans are out of control and hurt one another. When a Dodgers fan was stabbed during the week by a Giants fan, it really put a black eye on fan behavior.

This comes after the Brian Stow incident two years ago where he was beat up in the parking lot at Dodger stadium.

And Kluwe should know better. He’s had to have seen fan fights in stadiums for years as an NFL punter. He shouldn’t be making jokes out of it.

But here we are. As much as I like his personality and his sense of humor, this was one joke I wish he didn’t make.


Adidas is bad for basketball and they’re killing the Warriors’ look again with sleeves

I am not digging this.

According to the press release, these will be worn for every Saturday home game. The press release did not indicate if this alternate will replace the yellow ones worn last year or this is an addition to their current set.

Either way, the sleeves craze is out of control. Several teams have already joined it and it now looks like the NBA players are just wearing T-shirts on the court.

I’m pretty sure it’s lighter as they say, but it has not received popular feedback from fans. But if Adidas continues to think their designs are good, they’re going to continue to just give us this nonsense.

All 10 teams that play on Christmas will have sleeves. To my knowledge, the Suns and Clippers will have sleeved alternates this year. There could be more in the works for other teams.


Stephen Curry leaves Nike for Under Armour

Under Armour’s biggest star.

Stephen Curry, whose been with Nike since his rookie year, will leave them for Under Armour when his contract ends at the conclusion of this month.

This is a big move for Curry as he’s leaving a very successful brand to join a brand that’s trying to make its niche in sports. Under Armour is mostly known for football but with Curry, maybe basketball could be their next big step. UA already has several stars under their name including Brandon Jennings and DeAndre Jordan.

The pressure will be on UA to market Curry well. I remember when Monta Ellis joined And 1 but because of Ellis’ off-field moped incident, that fell through. But for Curry, he has a bright future and hopefully the new shoes he wears provide his ankles some stability.

It’s a big move for Curry and a risky one. But the reward can be great for him and UA.