Good job Red Sox fans, you’re just as bad as everyone

Remember when the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup and their fans rioted? Shame on them?

Remember when the Giants rioted and there was public destruction?

I thought “Red Sox Nation” would be better. After all, we talk about them like their fanbase are gods among men. But of course not, why are they any different? I suppose all fanbases are like that. Why do they do that? Why do they destroy things in celebration?

If the Oakland A’s ever won a title in the near future, I am going to be nowhere near Oakland. I might get shot in celebration. Stupid people.


The final answer: Thank you Allen Iverson!

Remembering Allen Iverson’s career

Just one of my favorites ever.

I just knew watching him as a kid that he was something special. I had his rookie card, I knew that he was going to be big. He did. He changed the game. he gave us something that we never truly appreciated until we realized that there would be nobody else like him. Thank you!

Best Of World Series Game 6 Craigslist Casual Encounters

Oh you silly Boston fans.

What I am looking forward to this NBA season

LeBron James the top star of the league and Stephen Curry as the up and coming star.

With the NBA season starting up tonight, here are some things I look forward to seeing.

  • Warriors building on success: As a Warriors fan, I want this team to do well and this season could be an indicator to see if this team is for real. A healthy Steph Curry and the growth of the team will make them worth noticing. Andre Iguodala will provide a huge difference on both ends of the floor and they could earn a 4th seed this season.
  • The Heat will three-peat: For most talented team in the country, they are equipped to win it all again. Barring any major injuries, I don’t see any team built to endure the entire season and win it in the end.
  • Spurs will still be good: But age has always been the question about this team and I don’t know when it will catch up. This season? I hope not. If they stay healthy and the young core stands up and performs, maybe we won’t see their demise just yet.

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This coming Sunday will feature a true back in time throwback matchup

So close.

This upcoming Sunday, the Titans will visit the Rams and it will be a glorious uniform matchup. The Rams have decided to wear their 1999 throwbacks to commemorate their lone Super Bowl win against the Titans.

What a tremendous uniform opportunity! The Titans have essentially kept their uniform design since that season and the Rams’ decision to do this is a great back in time nostalgic uniform matchup. It will be great.

However, they won’t be exact. As you can see from the above video, the Rams wore their white jerseys and the Titans wore their navy jerseys. The Rams are set to wear their blue throwback jerseys, forcing the Titans to go with their white jerseys. It’s a shame that the Rams have no option to wear white since each NFL team is allowed three different jerseys per season. Had the Rams designated that third jersey as a white one, we’d have no problem. But they didn’t (as they are going to go throwback again later this season against the Buccaneers.)

The uniform matchup will be just like 1999. But not exactly. So close. Just like Dyson, so close, but not close enough. I still look forward to seeing this and feeling like it’s 1999 all over again.

Serge Ibaka Was Prince Akeem from Coming to America For Halloween

This is most glorious!

Was Matthew Stafford the hero or the Cowboys the goats?

What a finish!

What a finish!

With the game clocking winding down, Matthew Stafford signaled to his team that he wanted to spike the ball. Instead, he saw that the defense was relaxed and he snuck in for the winning score.

Big props to Stafford for noticing that.

But should Stafford receive all the praise or should the Cowboys receive some of the brunt of it for being so dumb. If they know their football, they know that one of Dan Marino’s most famous plays involved a fake like that. And in any situation, why would they relax on defense? If Stafford was to spike, then let him spike. But don’t relax.

Was this more Stafford being smart or Cowboys being dumb? A little bit of both, but I think it’s more of the Cowboys defense being fools.

Mark Jackson is all about impacting lives

We all know that Mark Jackson is a preacher and he knows what kind of influence he has on many people. So it comes to no surprise that his biggest outlook as a head coach is not what happens on the court, but what happens with the men he works with.

Great coaches in our generation and those of years past can be attributed to their success on court, but so many of them have also been great mentors off court. That’s what Jackson is all about.

There’s a greater value in positively impacting the lives of men than just winning basketball games. This reply tweet reminds us that basketball is important, but as coach knows, he isn’t just a coach to them. There’s a bigger responsibility.

Famous 49ers fans with an eye for fashion

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In recent years since the 49ers’ turnaround back to a successful franchise, the team has started to grab the attention of celebrities. Some celebrities have been seen showing support for the 49ers. Others who have always been fans are now more vocal.

Fan fashion has grown tremendously over the years. With people looking to express themselves fashionably, it makes sense to see them do it with their favorite sports team.

So for fun, I did a quick Google search of famous people who have recently been seen wearing 49ers gear. The team is popular and popular people are wearing 49ers clothing.