Darren Rovell says he understands Chinese culture after living in China for five weeks. I have my thoughts on that

Darren Rovell was spewing out jersey sale numbers today and they were interesting. The one on sales from China took him by surprise.

Then he decided to expand on that.

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Donte Whitner wants you know him as Donte Hitner from now on

Clean hit?

It’s been a tough week for 49ers safety Donte Whitner. He was fined $21K for the hit on Chris Givens you see on the right. The ironic thing is that Givens himself said he believed the hit was clean.

Because of this, Whitner started a campaign called #LegalHitner on Twitter and even launched a new set of shirts for people to buy and support him.

Now with the news from the above tweet, is he really serious about changing his name? Do we have another Chad Ochocinco or Metta World Peace situation going on?

The answer is yes:

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