SJSU basketball’s new floor design has taken Sparta to a whole new level

What do you get when you mix two wood finishes, a large center court logo that isn’t centered and an image from the movie 300? You get this!

I’m not really big on these overly designed courts. They’re only nice if it isn’t too much of a gimmick. I know that the courts of the past in the NBA in the 1990s were like this, but they added character to the team. This one does, but it’s still a little too much for me.

First of all, I never liked having two finishes to the wood. Inside the arc is real dark and the rest is a lighter finish. I would much prefer it being the light one.

Secondly, to make room for their Spartan warriors, they had to move the center court logo up from the center. I actually like the warriors, but they’re too big. And because of that size, they moved the center court logo. It just doesn’t look right that a center court logo is moved.

It might take me a while to get used to this, but maybe it won’t be that bad. When the court design starts becoming a distraction for me, then it’s an issue. Let’s see how it looks during the game.


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