Knucklepuck! The Mighty Ducks are coming back to the NHL

We had known for a while that the Anaheim Ducks would do a throwback night to celebrate their 20th year in the league. But they teased our first official look at the return of the Mighty Ducks.

I very much miss this and wish they never got rid of it. But for one night, the memories of a fun movie and a hockey team will return.

I can’t wait to see it!


Tomas Hertl’s fourth goal last night was dirty

A hat trick for 19-year-old rookie Tomas Hertl wasn’t enough. He decided to go for a fourth one and it was a beauty.

That was one of the dirtiest goals I have ever seen. For a rookie with that much swag to pull off a move like that, it’s something to cherish.

It’s like a mic drop during a battle rap. How can you continue playing after that kind of a goal? And that just was the topping on the cake for a dominating performance by the Sharks that night.

Filthy. Dirty. Just wrong. Beautiful.