New Era releases limited edition caps to celebrate their own anniversary

New Era celebrating their own achievement.

This isn’t a surprise to me, but I am surprised they’re doing it anyway.

New Era has been a staple in the cap fashion business for so long and they’ve essentially created a branding identity that’s so big, that it has created legions of followers and fans.

Their 59Fifty model is a fitted-style cap that all teams in Major League Baseball use and is an option for players in the National Football League. It’s my personal favorite and I am a fitted cap guy because of them.

With that, New Era has decided to celebrate their 59th anniversary of this model by placing a gold emblem on MLB caps.

Check out their Facebook post here and all the caps here. They have different fabrics ranging from crocodile to wool.

Essentially, they’ve added a gold flair to the caps and added on their own anniversary logo on it opposite their own company logo.

This is not the first time companies have celebrated their own anniversary on their products. We see it all the time with food, but never in fashion. Is it really marketable to wear something like that?

For the average headgear guy like me, the answer would be no. However, the gold is really intriguing. For me as an A’s fan, the gold works so well with my team’s color scheme.

I’m sure some other people will like it.

And it just shows that as long as the company finds new ways to market something that really isn’t that new, people will buy it. And self-promoting themselves in the process is just icing on the cake.

Would you buy one of these?


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