Famous 49ers fans with an eye for fashion

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In recent years since the 49ers’ turnaround back to a successful franchise, the team has started to grab the attention of celebrities. Some celebrities have been seen showing support for the 49ers. Others who have always been fans are now more vocal.

Fan fashion has grown tremendously over the years. With people looking to express themselves fashionably, it makes sense to see them do it with their favorite sports team.

So for fun, I did a quick Google search of famous people who have recently been seen wearing 49ers gear. The team is popular and popular people are wearing 49ers clothing.

Rams COO Kevin Demoff really doesn’t want Cardinals to play World Series game on Monday

Remember when Rams COO Kevin Demoff was begging for a World Series sweep by the Cardinals?

He’s at it again. This time knowing a sweep won’t happen, he’s now advocating for a major rain out so Game 5 would get postponed.

I’m not sure if he’s serious, but rain will deter people from going out anyway, so his team’s home game might not be filled either. But at least the television sets will be tuned to the Rams instead of the Cardinals if there was a rain out.

King new center court logo inspired by knights armor

Last night, the Kings played at home with the center court logo they’ve had for several seasons. You can get a better view from this highlight package.

But as you can see from the above tweet, it appears they’re changing the center court design to their primary logo.

But wait, there’s a slight change to it. The ball has been rotated (and darkened) and the logo features a new armor-like design. Expect for the mace, the entire logo is completely changed by this new design. It kind of reminds me of Rutgers’ helmet.

It’s a nice design and I am OK with it. But if they are going with the armor look, the rest of the court should feature it too. However, judging by the photo, it appears that the only change is at center court.