Serge Ibaka Was Prince Akeem from Coming to America For Halloween

This is most glorious!

The Big Lead

Serge Ibaka Coming to America

To be more specific, joyful McDowell’s janitor Akeem, sans weighty Prince moniker.

While the line of “when you think of garbage, think of Serge” doesn’t quite share the same hilarious ring as the original, this costume is thoroughly tremendous. The stark attention to detail here, save for the glowing mop handle, is really something to behold.

To top it off, a female friend of Ibaka’s — presumably his girlfriend — took the role of Lisa McDowell, which was equally on point.

Since it is NFL Sunday, let’s watch Akeem discuss the great game of football, a sport that features an oblong ball made of pigskin:

[via Serge Ibaka]

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Was Matthew Stafford the hero or the Cowboys the goats?

What a finish!

What a finish!

With the game clocking winding down, Matthew Stafford signaled to his team that he wanted to spike the ball. Instead, he saw that the defense was relaxed and he snuck in for the winning score.

Big props to Stafford for noticing that.

But should Stafford receive all the praise or should the Cowboys receive some of the brunt of it for being so dumb. If they know their football, they know that one of Dan Marino’s most famous plays involved a fake like that. And in any situation, why would they relax on defense? If Stafford was to spike, then let him spike. But don’t relax.

Was this more Stafford being smart or Cowboys being dumb? A little bit of both, but I think it’s more of the Cowboys defense being fools.