What I am looking forward to this NBA season

LeBron James the top star of the league and Stephen Curry as the up and coming star.

With the NBA season starting up tonight, here are some things I look forward to seeing.

  • Warriors building on success: As a Warriors fan, I want this team to do well and this season could be an indicator to see if this team is for real. A healthy Steph Curry and the growth of the team will make them worth noticing. Andre Iguodala will provide a huge difference on both ends of the floor and they could earn a 4th seed this season.
  • The Heat will three-peat: For most talented team in the country, they are equipped to win it all again. Barring any major injuries, I don’t see any team built to endure the entire season and win it in the end.
  • Spurs will still be good: But age has always been the question about this team and I don’t know when it will catch up. This season? I hope not. If they stay healthy and the young core stands up and performs, maybe we won’t see their demise just yet.

  • Pistons will be better: After years of sadness, a new head coach in Mo Cheeks and some new pieces make this team worth a look at least. They won’t make the playoffs, but Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith should make this team better. Add in the return of Chauncey Billups, this team is trying to re-establish a winning tradition.
  • Kobe Bryant won’t be as good, but still will take Lakers to playoffs: The team will struggle a while before he returns, whenever that is, but when he does, he’ll fight through and help the Lakers get back to the playoffs. His playing time and effectiveness will drop, but it’s still Kobe Bryant though.
  • Screw Flop City: Yeah, screw them and their flopping ways.
  • How’s your knee, D-Rose?: I love watching Rose play and if he is fully healthy, it will be a joy to see him in action again. His presence can propel the Bulls back into a contender spot.

There are probably more thoughts, but these are what I have right now. Go Dubs!


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