Stephen Curry unveils Veterans Day Under Armour shoes

So you know those “bleeding” uniforms Under Armour gave Northwestern that caused a stir? Apparently they’re doing it for basketball too and Stephen Curry unveiled the shoes to honor the veterans for Veterans Day. Since the Warriors aren’t playing until Tuesday, I think that’s when he plans to debut them.

These shoes from a design standpoint is simple. But the choice of black and green reminds me of night vision goggles. Add onto the fact that the sole looks like a target for a missile crosshair of some sort, I don’t actually know if the design is that good. I mean, you target something or someone you intend to kill, right? I’m not sure I am comfortable with the shoe depicting that.

I suppose there’s a consolation that nobody will see the sole when the shoe is worn.

I’m all for honoring our vets, but I still have a hard time finding these inspired equipment and uniform designs that actually depict the act of violence. Maybe I’m old school. Or maybe Under Armour once again took it a little too far.


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