49ers cut Kyle Williams and fans are still salty about his fumble in the playoffs

Kyle Williams’ rocky tenure with the 49ers is over.

The 49ers made several roster moves today and one of them was cutting ties with WR Kyle Williams. Williams was a speed receiver drafted in 2010 and was supposed to be their return specialist. He never amounted to a top tier receiver and his special teams performances were average at best.

His biggest memory with the 49ers, unfortunately, was his poor performance in the NFC Championship Game in the 2011 season. He had a few miscues with the ball during the game, including a fumble in overtime that led to the loss.

^ *Ignore the unfortunate music choice in video.

Williams received death threats following that game. And now, 49ers fans still have not forgiven him about it and they took to Twitter to express that.


Stay classy 49ers fans.

Having covered Williams for his first two years in the league, I can tell you that he is one of the courteous players to the media. Especially after that playoff game, he stood up and addressed every question like a professional. On the practice field, he continued to work hard every day and he gained the support and friendship of his teammates.

It’s a part of business that this happened and I wish him the best going forward. He’s a good guy, had a bad game and never met expectations. That’s sports. That’s reality. But some fans just can’t separate reality from their own clouded judgment, as you can see from those tweets.

But life goes on. He’s moved on. Let’s hope these fans do as well.


2 thoughts on “49ers cut Kyle Williams and fans are still salty about his fumble in the playoffs

  1. Why are you publishing these idiots though and giving them more recognition for their tasteless approach to life? The screen grabs down and just publish anonymous quotes or something…these trolls already have twitter.

    • Publishing real tweets instead of copy and pasting it is not to give them glory. Nothing in this piece is giving them glory. Putting the real tweets up shows how real these hateful words are and these come from real people.

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