California League’s 66ers get an overhaul

Truth. What I liked about the previous set was their simple colors of red, white and blue and their logo. But this one is just so different, I don’t know if it works out well enough for me to like. I better stock up on the old 66ers gear before they’re gone.

The Asylum Collective

This one hits close to home as I’ve lived in the IE (Inland Empire for my non-Southern California friends) for all my life. Growing up near Pomona (home of the NHRA’s Winternationals, Finals and Hot Rod Museum), I’ve been immersed into car-culture since I was little. Pops was one of the founder of the “STYLE” car club in the 70’s and ended up in one of the pages of LowRider Magazine; my Uncle was a Super Comp driver for many years and Pops, Uncle and my Grandpa all painted cars on the side. While I never took up the family hobby, I’ve been around the So Cal Hot Rod scene for as long as I can remember…

So what does that have to do with the 66ers? Well, our friends at Brandiose knocked out a new logo series for the team. I was excited to hear they were going to base the…

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