WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan shaves Josh Reddick’s beard

A sad finale to a contest that we knew Reddick had no chance of winning. Oh well, all in fun.

Simplicity is what I love about logos, especially these NHL logos

As a kid, I was an earlier uniform and logo guy. Whenever I watched the news and saw what logo graphics the broadcast would use, I would nitpick about which logos they stuck with. Did they use a primary or alternate logo? If it was an alternate logo, why did they choose that?

This lead to this post this morning grabbing my attention. I love alternate logos. There’s a challenge to creating one where the audience can still recognize it but without the clutter. In fact, the ones we see here feature two different approaches.

One is the zoomed in logo of a specific recognizable detail. The other is a more simplistic approach and I really like that. In fact, I think some teams may be better off using some of these as their alternates. For a league that has some cluttered looks and over the top promotions, sometimes simple is better. And I like these.