Texas Rangers drop the drop shadow on their home and road jerseys

Prince Fielder appears to be wearing #84 with the Texas Rangers. This photo was tweeted out and it shows three different jerseys that Fielder will wear with the Rangers: the road gray, the blue alternate and the red alternate.

I didn’t notice this at first but I remembered why I hate the Rangers uniforms so much: it’s the drop shadow. The road gray jersey doesn’t feature that element at all. Compare the above photo tweeted to what new teammate Adrian Beltre has been wearing with the team, apparently the drop shadow has been dropped.

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The new Kansas City Royals road alts look kind of forced

New Kansas City road alternate uniforms.

The Royals announced a new road alternate and it actually looks pretty nice. It’s simple and it features the same element as some other teams have. Like the Nationals, they feature two-tone piping. Like the Tigers, it’s just a simple chest logo and nothing else. 

But the problem with this alternate jersey is not the template, but the decision to include the powder blue in it. As much as they want to have powder blue prominent in their identity, it’s mainly a secondary color.

With that said, it just seems the powder blue is so forced into the piping and logo. Their primary logo doesn’t even feature that color. Was all this really necessary?

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