Cowboys going with “road” blue jerseys for Thanksgiving

When the Cowboys moved out of the Cotton Bowl in 1971, they decided, along with the improvements of color TV, that they would wear white at home to give the viewing audience a variety of different uniform matchups for every home game. Instead of blue vs white, it was white vs whatever the opposition’s team color was.

They’ve kept that tradition to this very day. The only time the Cowboys have worn blue at home was when they decided to wear throwbacks, which they have done in past Thanksgiving Day games.

However due to the new helmet rule that prevents them from wearing their traditional throwbacks and the Cowboys’ already informing the league back in the summer they’d wear their dark color on Thanksgiving, they have decided to wear their blue road uniforms. They could have worn their throwbacks with their current helmets, but that wouldn’t look too good.

Gorgeous uniform.

For the longest time since the Cowboys decided to go white at home, the blue tops have been considered “unlucky” and some teams have intentionally worn their white jerseys for home games to force the Cowboys into their “unlucky” set.

However, their blue uniforms are clearly superior to their white set. In fact, their white set is one of the most inconsistent uniforms in NFL history.

If this is the way the new tradition will be for the Cowboys I am glad to see it. I have never seen them wear this set at home ever before and this will be a welcome sight. Not only that, but it gives the rest of America a look at their best set. The NFL helmet rule actually prevented a throwback from happening but it turned out OK anyway.


2 thoughts on “Cowboys going with “road” blue jerseys for Thanksgiving

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