Should Texans start over with Gary Kubiak fired?

The Texans have to clean house now. I don’t know if they can sustain mediocrity as a mid-level team with playoff talent. On the roster, they have the talent (especially on defense) to be a strong contender for years to come. But overall, they are just not good enough to be that team.

Unfortunately, the Texans likely will draft a new quarterback to run the team. Arian Foster can never seem to stay healthy and Andre Johnson’s talents are wasting away. There’s a lot of changes on the horizon and who knows if the new head coach will change everything up?

As it appears right now, the Texans are in the crossroads. Milk out whatever potential talent they have left or start fresh with a new regime. It would be easy just to stick with what they have and hope maybe they can catch lightning in the bottle. But it doesn’t look like this team has what it takes.

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