We shall call this new MLB rule the Buster Posey rule

The discussion about this started a few years ago with Buster Posey getting injured at a home plate collision. It was the starting point in discussion whether or not a rule change should be made.

Everybody had an opinion as to whether or not collisions should be allowed at home plate. I felt that the play was legal but there had to be some kind of consideration. I didn’t think that collisions should be banned, but maybe the catchers had to be in a certain position?

What would be the punishment if this rule is broken? Does the run come off the board? A fine? Suspension?

This is a major change for baseball and I doubt this will go over well with everybody.


Bull Durham the Musical Is a Real Thing

I am afraid to look forward to this.

My Top 10 WWF/WWE entrance themes of all time

What a powerful photo of some powerful people.

With the WWE announcing that WrestleMania 31 is coming to Santa Clara in 2015, it got me really excited. I will attend it. I cannot miss it.

That also got me thinking about my favorite entrance themes of all time. It’s a tough list to put together a Top 10 but it was fun going back down memory lane.

This is a subjective list and because I started my wrestling watching during the Attitude Era, that’s where most of my favorite themes are from. You’ll probably disagree and that’s OK.

10 – My Time (Triple H)

I actually like the songs Motorhead did for The Game, but this theme was perfect for a budding superstar about to come into his own. It was his time.

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