My Top 10 WWF/WWE entrance themes of all time

What a powerful photo of some powerful people.

With the WWE announcing that WrestleMania 31 is coming to Santa Clara in 2015, it got me really excited. I will attend it. I cannot miss it.

That also got me thinking about my favorite entrance themes of all time. It’s a tough list to put together a Top 10 but it was fun going back down memory lane.

This is a subjective list and because I started my wrestling watching during the Attitude Era, that’s where most of my favorite themes are from. You’ll probably disagree and that’s OK.

10 – My Time (Triple H)

I actually like the songs Motorhead did for The Game, but this theme was perfect for a budding superstar about to come into his own. It was his time.

9 – Line in the Sand (Evolution)

One of the reasons why I like this is because Motorhead really captured the aura of this new faction. The evolution of wrestling all in one group. It demanded attention. This theme did it for me.

8 – Graveyard Symphony (Undertaker)

When you think Undertaker, no other theme he has used brought more chills than this one.

7 – Real American (Hulk Hogan)

The biggest superstar ever? The most American theme ever? This was the perfect theme for the perfect wrestler.

6 – Know Your Role Hollywood Version (The Rock)

This is my favorite stage of The Rock’s career. The Hollywood gimmick was such a refreshing change for me as a fan and seeing him with an entrance like this, it just felt right. This was his bigger than everyone theme and it was amazing, especially the cocky buildup with the chopper.

5 – Next Big Thing (Brock Lesnar)

When he debuted, he was a freakish animal that we knew was the next big thing. He brought the pain and I can just remember how much fear he brought when this theme hit. I don’t want to be in his way.

4 – Break the Walls Down (Chris Jericho)

What made this theme so great was the anticipation during the countdown. There was a freshness to Jericho’s character that made him a rockstar. The theme fit him perfectly.

3 – No Chance in Hell (Vince McMahon)

Quite simply, Vince is the boss. He is ruler of all. You have no chance when you try to oppose him.

2 – I Won’t Do What You Tell Me (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

What? The glass shatter gets the biggest pop ever in wrestling history. Add that with the baddest guy to ever step into the ring, you have a theme that fits the Texas Rattlesnake like a beer on a hot summer night.

1 – Unstable (The Ultimate Warrior)

This theme isn’t anything too special, but the character of the Ultimate Warrior makes this theme works so much. You can feel the upbeat energy in this theme and watching Warrior run down to the ring to me is just so memorable every time.


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