Caps in rival team colors: Is it good or bad?

Yesterday I shared this photo on my Facebook. Is it OK for these to exist?

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this. In fact, it’s been around a while. I’ve seen Giants caps in A’s colors. Dodgers caps in Giants colors. I’ve seen Yankees caps in Red Sox colors. It exists and it doesn’t look right.

The main reason is for fashion. If a person wants to wear green one day and an Angels cap, the cap above works. Even though it mixes in a rival’s colors, it aesthetically works. But is it right?

How much are we sacrificing for fashion? You’ll never catch me wearing an A’s cap in Giants colors. It just doesn’t work. If I have to wear some black and orange cap, I guess I’ll go with the Orioles.

But I suppose since the A’s are the only team in baseball that wears green, that option is limited for some.