Jesus Shuttlesworth did make it out of Big State to the NBA!

The NBA was rumored to have a few dates set where players would have their nicknames on their jersey. Via Spike Lee’s Instagram, that rumor has been confirmed as he tweeted Ray Allen’s jersey.

If you don’t get it, go watch “He Got Game.”

I had been loathing this even though this isn’t a new idea for the league. The problem with this is that back in the 1970s, the promotion of the league wasn’t individual based and full of ego. In today’s NBA, you watch not for the team, but for the individual player. It’s a team sport but it hasn’t been promoted as so. This just confirms it.

However, getting a Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey might be in the works for me that would tickle my fancy as a basketball fan. Should I do it?

Since the Nets and Heat are the teams that will be a part of it, here are my guesses for nicknames:

  • Garnett – Big Ticket
  • Pierce – Fake Wheelchair Guy
  • Jason Terry – Jet
  • LeBron James – King James
  • Dwyane Wade – Dwayne Wade
  • Andrei Kirilenko – AK (although I doubt they’d do that)

Now I’m just in territory where it seems forced.

I might have to get this even though I hate the Heat.


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