Warriors are more Oakland than the A’s? Hold up!


The Raiders have an Oakland feel. Sure, I dig that.

The Warriors have an Oakland feel too. That’s correct. But once they move to San Francisco, it will lose that touch.

But the A’s don’t have an Oakland feel? I’ve been going to A’s games since I was a kid and I don’t know what Adande defines as an Oakland feel. Even though the crowds are small, the passion is just as strong as any other fanbase I’ve seen. During the playoffs, you can’t match the passion and cheers from Oakland.

Oakland is a working class town. It doesn’t have super fancy gadgets or landmarks that are recognizable worldwide. But that’s what makes Oakland, Oakland.

The Raiders are the tough guy who brings his lunch pail to the construction site. The A’s are the same, the kind of people who will do the dirty job that nobody else wants. The teams represent that still to this day. That’s Oakland.

The Warriors are the Bay Area’s team but they are still Oakland. Their location is easier to access and the prices are affordable. The crowd cheers with a passion like fans do at Raiders and A’s games. I’ve been to Warriors games. I’ve been to A’s games. They’re loud and proud and both comparable.

So to say the A’s don’t have an Oakland feel and the Warriors do is kind of misleading. All three teams have an Oakland feel. It’s indescribable unless you experience it. You’ll only know if you are there.


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