The new Charlotte Hornets logos are simply amazing

The Charlotte Bobcats will become the Hornets next season. After years of a confused identity, they unveiled new logos and it’s simply beautiful.

What’s great is that they essentially kept their old colors and brought back Hugo the Hornet. Per NBA rules, they couldn’t just bring back their old logos, so they made new ones that had a modern feel to it but still paid homage to their history. With the branding brains behind the Jordan brand, this turned out to be a great logo package for the revived Hornets.

Merchandise with the new logos will go sale next month and the new uniforms are expected to be unveiled some time around the draft.

Here are my thoughts on each individual logo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can honestly say that this rebrand has already been a success. The new logos put the Hornets in the Top 5 in best logos in the league right now. Let’s just hope that the new uniforms, which I believe will be created by Adidas, look good.


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