Are the Athletics getting new road caps?

This appeared on eBay and apparently it’s the only place that has any information about it, so take it for what it is.

The listing claims it’s the new road cap for the Oakland Athletics next season. Full-time or alternate road cap? It does not say. All signs indicate that it’s authentic. The stickers are the right one for an on-field authentic. The images look legit. You can even find them in stores.

Photo of the cap in question for sale in a mall. (Via New Era Cap Talk)

Is this real? I hope not because it doesn’t fit well with their road uniform at all, especially compared to their current road cap. That cap is a beauty. This new one, not so much.

It doesn’t seem that having a logo that’s white (with a gold trim) would work with the road jersey or their green alternate.

What do you think? Is this a good new road cap or should the team not make any changes?

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4 thoughts on “Are the Athletics getting new road caps?

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  3. I actually don’t like this cap compared to the current Road Cap. Lettering is too thick. This is like the black alternate cap they had a few years ago. If anything they should of just had a thin white A on a green cap.

  4. So officially Now this is the only Road Cap. I do not think this new cap is going to look very good with the Grey Oakland Road Jersey’s. The new Green Jersey is designated as an alternate jersey, so why isn’t this new cap also an alternate cap??? First wrong move uniform wise in a very long time for the A’s. Keep the old Road Caps!!

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