My predictions for Saturday’s Wild Card round games

It’s time for the playoffs once again! Here are my quick predictions on today’s games.

A rematch of two former No. 1 picks


This is going to be a fun matchup to watch because both teams are coming back after miserable seasons. Two years ago, the Colts suffered through a horrific season and came back as a playoff team under the guidance of a new quarterback. Last year, the Chiefs retooled after a disastrous season, got their new quarterback and a new coach to lead the way.

I am looking forward to see how Jamaal Charles will be used in this game. He is coming off a strong finish this year and could be the x-factor in this game. But on the Colts’ side on offense, I am really impressed at how their running game is starting to show some signs of life. I don’t expect them to have to run really well, but maybe just well enough to keep a strong balance.

This game might come down to field position. Both quarterbacks are smart generals and won’t try to take big risks to jeopardize the team. And I believe that might be the difference, allowing the defenses to set the tone for the game.

The Chiefs right now come into this game not looking very strong but after resting their starters for Week 17, I feel that they are refreshed and re-energized to take this.



Can the Saints win on the road?


The Saints are 0-5 on the road in the playoffs and that trend could very well continue this Saturday. But are the Eagles good enough of a team to beat the Saints? What has impressed me about the Eagles is the emergence of Nick Foles. But does he have the composure to lead the Eagles to a win?

Drew Brees and the offense is still dangerous and the Saints offense can be very explosive at times. The problem with the Saints is that if the pressure up front disrupts Brees, the entire flow of their attack seems to go down with him. Can the Saints prevent that?

I very much like the matchup of running backs in LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles. I expect both to have huge games today.

This comes down to the coaching, I believe. Sean Payton is back in charge against a rookie head coach in Chip Kelly. That might be enough advantage for the Saints to use their experience as an advantage. This will be a high-scoring affair, but the Saints will do just enough to win this one.



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