What a shame that Greg Maddux won’t get into the Hall of Fame by unanimous vote

Greg Maddux is a Hall of Famer. That was decided way before he retired. The question was, however, was whether or not he would get all the votes to go in as a unanimous inductee. As we find out, he will not.

Apparently there’s one voter named Ken Gurnick who only voted for Jack Morris and is avoiding any player that played during the steroid era. That doesn’t seem fair, but that’s apparently how it’s going to be.

What a shame too. Maddux is one of those players that is a clear Hall of Famer and there is no doubt that he should be in. But for someone to not vote for him based on his own personal agenda is unfair. You can ignore Maddux’s final years with the Padres and Dodgers and look at his overall work and say that he was simply one of the best ever.

This reminds me of when Rickey Henderson was not voted in unanimously. I don’t understand how someone could think Henderson didn’t deserve to get into the Hall of Fame. It’s a shame. The same for Cal Ripken and other greats over the years.

But I know for Maddux he’s not going to make a big deal out of not getting into the Hall unanimously. He’ll accept this honor and make it a great time.

Now I will start thinking about whether or not I want to go to Cooperstown this summer to see his induction.

Future Hall of Famer Greg Maddux.


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