I am not upset over Dan Le Batard’s decision to give Deadspin his vote

For a quick recap of the above story: Dan Le Batard has a National Baseball Hall of Fame vote and he decided to let the readers of Deadspin decide who he should vote for. He had reasons to do this, mainly to show that the current voting system was flawed. He received no compensation and the votes he submitted via Deadspin was actually pretty on point with what I think was a good ballot. However, the fallout has been harsh from some media types while others have praised him.

I don’t understand the issue. If the votes were absurd, there would be a problem. But the votes that were submitted all had valid reasons. The reaction also shows that maybe the old writers just don’t like change.

What did he do that is different from asking a friend for an opinion on the matter? Just think that Le Batard asked for thousands of opinions.

I like his reasoning of letting the fans have a voice. Baseball isn’t just a sport for writers. It’s about the fans and the impact it has on out culture. The fans are what make baseball the game it is today. No fans, no revenue and that means the sport doesn’t survive.

As a fan myself, I enjoy the game and I appreciate the game differently than a writer does. I see things differently. To me, there are certain people that impact me as a fan that may not do the same for a writer.

Some writers have been out of the business for some time and they probably don’t even watch as much as the average fan. What makes their opinion more valid than mine? I know that they have earned their way as a writer, but you can’t tell me that an intelligent baseball fan knows less about the game and the players than a writer does. They just understand the game differently.

That’s the message Le Batard is trying to send. And even though he is receiving backlash for it, I am on board with him. He submitted a ballot that spoke for the fans and quite frankly, the fans ended up with a pretty good ballot.

Did he throw away his vote? I don’t think so. He actually gave more power to his vote than any of the old writers who don’t even watch the game anymore — or the ones with personal vendettas against certain players.

Thanks, Dan. You did all right with me even though others think you did wrong.


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