BBWAA vice president let fans help him vote on the Hall of Fame years before Dan Le Batard

The BBWAA has a lot of explaining to do. They punished Le Batard for “transferring” his vote to people who were not qualified, but it’s not like fans turned in the vote. Le Batard still had to fill in the vote and turn it in. Does it matter how he came to the conclusion he came to his votes? If it did matter, then we have a lot to explain about voters who have personal agendas that continue to have the right to vote.

For The Win

On Wednesday, it was revealed that ESPN’s Dan Le Batard had turned his Baseball Hall of Fame vote over to Deadspin to allow the site’s readers to fill out his ballot. He was subsequently stripped of his Hall of Fame vote “for transferring his Hall of Fame ballot to an entity that has not earned voting status.” This was pretty much the expected result for Le Batard.

However, further review reveals that Le Batard wasn’t the first writer to get a little outside help with his ballot. It turns out that BBWAA vice president Jose de Jesus Ortiz of the Houston Chronicle has crowd-sourced his ballot for years, in a very public manner.

In 2007, Ortiz posted on his blog inviting readers to join him at a Mexican restaurant to help him fill out his ballot:

“I hope you come join me and a group of baseball fans to discuss the…

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