After seeing those nickname jerseys, I am OK with them

OK, the above photo is pretty cool if you understand the significance of it.

Last night, the Heat and Nets wore nicknames on their jerseys. It’s not the first time the NBA has done this, but it’s the first time where every player had a nickname. I actually don’t mind it at all. It doesn’t ruin the aesthetics of the uniforms and it adds a little fun.

The only problem, however, is that not everyone has a nickname. Some just seemed so forced. But overall, it’s a fine promotion and it apparently is happening a couple more times this season. Let’s just keep it at that. No need to continue to drag this out.

Courtesy of Chris Creamer, here are all the names worn last night.


LeBron James “KING JAMES” #6

DeWayne Wade “D.WADE” #3

Norris Cole “COLE TRAIN” #30

Roger Mason Jr “MONEYMASE” #21

Joel Anthony “DOC” #50

Chris Andersen “BIRDMAN” #11

Mario Chalmers “RIO” #15

Michael Beasley “B-EASY” #8

Chris Bosh “CB” #1

Rashard Lewis “SWEET LEW” #9

James Jones “JJ” #22

Shane Battier “BATTLE” #31

Ray Allen “J. SHUTTLESWORTH” #34

Udonis Haslem “UD” #40



Kevin Garnett “BIG TICKET” #2

Reggie Evans “JOKER” #30

Andray Blatche “DRAY LIVE” #0

Jason Terry “JET” #31

Mason Plumlee “PLUMS” #1

Joe Johnson “JJ” #7

Alan Anderson “DOUBLE” #6

Shaun Livingston “S DOT” #14

Tyshawn Taylor “TEE_Y” #10

Andrei Kirilenko “Кириленко” #47

Mirza Teletovic “MT3″ #33

Deron Williams “D-WILL” #8

Paul Pierce “TRUTH” #34

Not bad. But some could be better. Like Joe Johnson as just JJ? Boring.

A nickname James actually has and it worked.


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