NBA All-Star Game jerseys leaked and we have more sleeves courtesy of Adidas

EDIT: The NBA makes it official.


We knew sleeves were going to be included in the All-Star game jerseys this year. But I didn’t realize the entire set would look like crap. Seriously, does Adidas not know what is considered fashionable? Check out the link above as the jerseys have been leaked by a French basketball site.

I don’t want to go too much into detail as to what bothers me because it’s pretty easy to see what is wrong. We have sleeves. We have no number on the front, just the logo. The back is cluttered with two logos, a name and a number. Random one shoulder stripe? Three stripes down the side because Adidas wants to remind you that they are making this. And the three stripes on the three stripes. And also, that incomplete colored collar just looks so amateur.

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