Should we eliminate extra points from the NFL?

Commissioner Roger Goodell suggested that the NFL might eliminate the extra point in the future. Since the point after try is nearly automatic (only 5 misses this past season) he thinks that maybe the league can go forward without it.

Goodell suggested that an idea was to make all touchdowns seven points. However, the team has an option to go for a conversion following the touchdown. If successful, they would add an extra point to their scoring drive, giving them 8. However, if the conversion fails, they would be dropped to six.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea. However, because the extra point isn’t automatic, eliminating it takes away the potential surprise from the game. What if the extra point is missed? We’ll never know with the new system in place.

However, I will say that the suggested scoring system is good. It still rewards seven points for a scoring drive and a converted attempt is worth eight and a failed on is worth six, which is just like what we have in the NFL today. If we do eliminate the extra point, then I can live with this scoring system.

I’ll just have to say farewell to the fake extra point attempt that I have yet to see in the NFL. I know Chip Kelly would have done it.


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