The Pro Bowl Draft went pretty well in my opinion

Andrew Luck was the first player chosen on Day 2 of the Pro Bowl Draft.

Even though I work for the NFL, I want say that this is my unbiased opinion of how the NFL Pro Bowl Draft went down last night. I think it went pretty well.

If you watched the Pro Bowl Draft last night, you either or a football junkie, was curious or had nothing else better to do. And for the most part, the draft did exactly what I expected it to do: entertain me. Even though the first day was just to draft players that weren’t part of the skill positions, the second day provided a lot of excitement. Would it have been better to make it one day with all the players? Possibly. But in a way, separating the draft to those two days might be better. I don’t know.

But for a first time trial, I think it went well. After all, the country loves football so it’s worth making this a kind of a big deal in itself without going too over the top. At least that’s not what I think it felt like.

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