My experience at Dodger Stadium for the Stadium Series game between the Ducks and Kings

I don’t even like either the Kings or Ducks. Both of them are the rivals. But as a hockey fan, attending the Stadium Series game at Dodger Stadium was a must for me. I’ve always wanted to go to the Winter Classic games but since those games are never on the West Coast, this is the best option for me. It was actually a great cool night and the entire atmosphere was very unique.

I had arrived at around 5PM, a good 90 minutes before the ceremonies would begin. I got there early knowing that getting into the stadium closer to the start of the game would suck. When arrived there, I saw that there was a fan fest area in one of the parking lots. It didn’t look interesting, so I just went inside.

What was really unique about this stadium was the set up of the field for the game. They had a volleyball court, a stage for KISS and a mini rollerblade rink for kids. Those were all occupied before the game and during the intermissions.

There’s a lot of stuff going on around the rink.

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