MLB 2014 On-Field Clubhouse 39THIRTY postgame caps are out and they look like neon lights

New and unnecessary.

New and unnecessary.

Last year, MLB released these postgame caps. They were optional to wear during postgame interviews, but aesthetically they were just bad.

It appears that they have a new line for this year. Check out some of them that are already available for purchase.

It’s like they’re going with the all black look, much like the darkness of light with the logos lit up like oversized neon signs outside of a bar. Look at the Orioles cap. And now look at the Indians one.

This isn’t necessary but merchandising could rise because of it. And that’s why we introduce these things, right?


Dodgers add road alternate jersey to rotation

When the Dodgers play their four games in Australia to begin the year, they will be wearing the above road jersey. Their current road jersey reads “Los Angeles” on them but they have decided to add this version back into the mix.

This has been a constant with the team, alternating between city name and team name on their road jersey. This is a marketing grab and it really isn’t necessary. They should stick with one. But now they have both.

I always felt that if they were to change up their road set, they should at least bring back the white trim. It just looks so much better. Here’s to you, money grab.

New fashion style is upside down logos on caps?

I’ve always tried to be fashion forward when it comes to sports merchandising but this one is a little confusing. These “Hall of Fame” edition caps are everything you want in a throwback style cap. The colors are right. The logos are accurate. However, the logos are upside down.

I don’t know what the reasoning is for it and I don’t think it makes much sense. Is this a case of just finding a new way to sell something that is already there? Or is it another way of the company to present something new that could catch on?

What I can assure you is that someone will buy it and make it work. After all, the colors are still great and the throwback idea is still very popular. But upside down is hard to understand. Makes it look like a factory error. Maybe that’s what’s hot.