The Simpsons did not predict the Seahawks and Broncos Super Bowl matchup

It’s a fun joke the show tweeted out. But people actually believe that it is true. Yes, in the 2005 episode “Bonfire of the Manatees,” Homer was watching a game between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos. However, that is it. Nowhere in the episode did they predict that it was a Super Bowl. If you actually watch the episode, or read the script, they stated that the game was played at the Broncos’ home stadium. Also, Homer bet on another game later in the episode.

But people decided to run with it as if it was real.

Look at all the misinformation on a Google search. (Skittlebrau is real and I’ve heard it’s delicious.)

Here’s the actual script from that episode:

TV announcer: “A real nail-biter here at Mile High Stadium. The Broncos down by one, and 30 seconds left on the clock.”

Homer: “Come on, Broncos, you can do it.”

TV announcer: “And I’m joined in the broadcast booth by the stars of ABC’s latest reality show, ‘Billionaire vs Bear.’ Let’s review the easy-to-follow rules of your show. Each of you thought you were in a race to plant the taco bell flag at the north pole. What you didn’t know is, the race was a chase, spiced up by the presence of the betrayer. Well, now, the bear has a surprise for you. He’s not really a bear, he’s a tiger! Ho! Lookie there! Denver just won the ballgame!”

Homer: “Oh, the Broncos won? Why didn’t I bet on them like professor pigskin told me to?”

It’s just a coincidence, but everyone seems to want to accept the fact that the show predicted it. But in reality, it was a coincidence that features no relation to the Super Bowl.

Only Buzzfeed seems to be the only media outlet that actually looked into it.

Apparently almost everyone did not actually do their research and look into it. Lots of media took it as fact. The show never predicted the Super Bowl. It was a joke posted by the show’s Twitter account. But in this Internet day and age, everything can be real if you have enough people talking about it.

Now if Chicago sweeps Miami in the World Series next year, well, I’ll just quit the Internet.



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