If Jimmy Graham gets franchise tagged as a wide receiver, there’s a big potential fantasy impact

We knew it was going to happen. Now Jimmy Graham is confirming that he will get the franchise tag. However, we don’t know what position he will be tagged as. He will make significantly less if he is tagged as a wide receiver, but his party is arguing that because he lines up in the slot so often that he can and should be viewed as a wide receiver (and thus receiving a bigger price tag).

If Graham is tagged as a wide receiver, it will not only affect the Saints financially (and their approach to how they line him up in 2014), but it will also affect the fantasy world.

Will they list him as a wide receiver only? Or maybe a tight end only? Or will he be eligible for both?

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Oakland A’s fans upset that they were screwed out of an Internet popularity contest

I am so glad this is over. This clogged up my timeline like no other this past week. (And I am an A’s fan and I am an Eric Sogard fan.)

MLB, with MLB Network, held a contest where fans on Twitter can send tweets with the hashtag #FaceofMLB and the selected player’s name to be counted as vote for the Face of MLB contest. The final was between #DavidWright and #EricSogard.

But what exactly is the Face of MLB contest and what is the prize? It’s a contest to see who is the Face of MLB. What does that mean? Nothing. It’s a fictional prize that has no merit and it really is a filler space for the offseason to distract baseball fans and get them interacting and uniting for a value-less prize. It’s more of a contest to see which fanbase is more active on Twitter.

Essentially, it’s a pointless Internet popularity contest. A popularity contest. The silly stuff people have in high school.

People are upset over the results of an Internet popularity contest.

It’s smart marketing in terms of interaction with fans, but it is just filler. The contest means nothing. No charity money gets raised, no real tangible prizes are given away. It’s basically just empty sugar.

So when Eric Sogard, an unlikely favorite, lost to David Wright this morning following a late surge, A’s fans called out MLB for tainting the voting process for an award that holds no meaning.

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LeBron James and the mask is going to be a very odd fashion statement


The same.

Last night LeBron James wore a mask for the first time since breaking his nose. Unlike the one that Richard Hamilton wore, this one was all black like the Kobe Bryant design.

But look at this one that James is wearing. It’s like some kind of carbon fiber material and it looks really menacing. In fact, it looks downright frightening. A lot different than the mask he wore in Cleveland.

I remember when Dwyane Wade wore a band-aid and it became a fashion statement, even though his wound had already healed. With James and Wade on the same team, is there a chance that they find a way to get creative and make this mask full of design? That’s where it could end up being. The biggest star on the planet has a chance to influence people in a way like never before.

Of course the commissioner can just say no to all of this and it’s OK. But knowing James, he’ll likely seriously consider something like that.

Maybe kids will buy masks to wear when playing pick up ball. Who knows?

After a few days with the WWE Network, here are my thoughts

Watching Wrestlemania VI is pretty awesome.

When the WWE Network was announced a while back, I was excited because of the archival library of wrestling classics I could watch. Also, the fact that I can live stream the upcoming pay-per-view events would be the kicker. And for the price of $9.99 a month, it was a steal.

But of course before committing to such a purchase (I have to get at least six months for the deal), I was smart enough to get their free trial run first and determine in that one-week period whether or not I want to buy the WWE Network. After a few days with it here are some thoughts on the new network.

One thing that they did deliver on is the iconic matches of history in ever single pay-per-view from the WWE, WCW and ECW. That’s a whole lot of hours of watching great matches. That is great and the growing archive of great documentaries, I believe will continue to grow. It’s still so much for me to take in that I don’t know what I should be watching half the time I log into the network. I guess that’s a good thing that I am overwhelmed, but we’ll see.

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Paula Deen Compares Herself To “That Black Football Player” Michael Sam

Will she ever learn?

Joe Montana's Right Arm


Embattled cooking impresario Paula Deen may have stepped in it again on Wednesday when she compared her plight to that of Michael Sam – the first openly gay player in NFL history.

Deen, whose career took a rapid nosedive after revealing she used the N-word during her lifetime, is still trying to repair her image after the transgression.

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High-fives after free throws: What’s the point?

I’ve seen high-fives for years in basketball games. After a made free throw, teammates will high-five the shooter before returning to their spots. And it’s fine really. It’s a good encouragement from teammates. My problem is sometimes when they are sought out instead of being received.

Like the above Vine, seeking for high-fives can be such a habit that you’re going for the imaginary ones.

It’s kind of cocky to ask your teammates for a high-five. It’s a little boastful about making one free throw. Now if a teammate gave you one, that’s different. And also, what about during crunch time? There is no time for the high-five when the intensity is so high.

I never sought high-fives when I make my free throws and I would imagine I would not want any if I made it to the NBA. Just let me shoot my free throws and don’t tough my hand.

But that’s just me. Some people need it. Some people seek it. And some people, like me, want no part of it. I care for my team, but don’t distract my flow.

When football and hockey collide, you get this

I am digging this. The design is very accurate to what a Steelers helmet looks like. Aside from the Penguins logo, this is spot on.

Giants ask fans to publicly tweet their phone numbers again and the fans did as told

Remember when the Giants asked their fans to tweet their phone numbers publicly? Well, they did it again and fans followed their leader.

And so people decided to tweet their phone numbers publicly. Maybe I should give them a call just to screw with them.

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Jason Collins to sign with Nets — good for him

This is great news. He is the first openly gay player in the NBA.

And now the story about that is done. I was hoping he’d get this chance and now that the chance is here, let’s stop talking about it. Let’s focus on him as a basketball player.

We’ve matured as a society where something like this should not be major news anymore. Still good news, but not something that should linger.

I’m happy for him and hope he stays longer than 10 days.

How the Browns-Harbaugh trade could have worked out

Jim Harbaugh in Cleveland?

So there have been conflicting reports and denials by the 49ers that the supposed proposal to trade Jim Harbaugh to the Browns for draft picks is false.

Of course, both sides could easily deny it just to save face, but we will never know if it was true.

However, if it was true and multiple draft picks were involved, then we have to wonder if that was the only thing on the table or something else prevented the deal from happening. Also, that would mean the 49ers would have to promote Greg Roman or Brad Seely as the new head coach. Or steal David Shaw from Stanford.

Using my logic, these are the terms to the trade that would make it fair for both sides.

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