10 things I think leading up to the Super Bowl

The result after eating all those wings.

Taking a page out of Peter King’s column, here are 10 thoughts I have as the Super Bowl approaches tomorrow.

  1. The build up to the game itself has been ridiculous. With media day, Marshawn Lynch’s odd media interactions, the coverage and everything else has been too much and overwhelming. This is probably because I work for the NFL Network so I have to see all of this all the time. I bet if I was a regular fan, I wouldn’t be bombarded with so much.
  2. One thing I cannot stand is the over-usage of certain commercials. This commercial has been playing nonstop. I don’t even know who Bruno Mars is (and I am not the only one) but if this is a representation of his music, this halftime show is going to be terrible.

  3. I hope the Red Hot Chili Peppers steal the show. They are good. Bruno Mars, not so much.
  4. Percy Harvin probably will have little impact in terms of stats. However, his presence on the field alone will be enough to catch the attention of the Broncos defense. They should start the game off with a reverse or fly sweep with Harvin just to set the tone.
  5. Peyton Manning should have no problem dissecting the defense. He is way too smart and has way too many weapons not too. As much as the Seahawks are playing well, the Broncos are set up to score a lot. Unless the protection breaks down, Manning will have a good day.
  6. Both the end zones are blue for the game. The Seahawks end zone script is white, the Broncos are orange. I was hoping for the Seahawks to go with a gray end zone but that would be too similar to the white sidelines. Oh well.
  7. The Broncos are 0-3 wearing orange jerseys in the Super Bowl, but that was the past. Honestly, I don’t even like their current orange jerseys. They look fine, but they just don’t seem to match so well compared to their original blue jersey/white pants look. Also, the Seahawks wore the best uniform combination option for tomorrow’s game. The blue pants feature the green and that’s a staple of their identity now. It’s going to be a good visual matchup between two of Nike’s own creations.
  8. Weather is overrated now. If it snowed, it’d be a different story. But this game is expected to just be cold. Will this be enough of a deterrent to never feature a Super Bowl in cold weather? Probably. I doubt we’ll see another game like this for another 10 years at least. Let’s keep the game out of the weather’s hands.
  9. I miss New York. I wish I was there. There are so many food spots and sightseeing places I want to visit back again. However, the next two Super Bowl locations, Glendale and Santa Clara, are six-hour drives from where I am. Maybe I should go to those games.
  10. I am making lobster mac & cheese for the Super Bowl party/potluck I am attending. This is my first time making it. I think the key to making it taste real good is to butter up that lobster right before I drop it into my cheese sauce mix. Eating well is how I roll.

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