My predictions for Super Bowl Sunday

Let’s get it on!

The Super Bowl is here and it’s time for those predictions. It’s going to be a good matchup and this will come down to great offense versus great defense. This is what a perfect Super Bowl matchup is all about.

I am not going to go real deep in analysis. Instead, here are some things that I look forward to seeing in the game.

  1. Percy Harvin will have little statistical impact but his presence on the field will be a huge boost for the Seahawks.
  2. The Broncos’ passing attack should have a field day. All those weapons and with Peyton Manning is a good combination. Unless the protection breaks down, they will have a great game.
  3. The Legion of Boom won’t be outmatched though. They will maintain the Broncos’ passing attack, but when it comes down to it, no secondary can shut down the Broncos’ offense for an entire game.
  4. Marshawn Lynch will have a huge game. He’s that type of a back that can bruise and grind and maybe that’s how the Seahawks will get the ball out of Peyton’s hands.
  5. Russell Wilson’s poise will be under the microscope here. Like the NFC title game, he might make mistakes early but will keep it close in the second half.
  6. 3rd down conversions will be the story for the game and Denver’s array of offensive weapons will be the difference right here. They will have a better conversion rate.
  7. The weather will cause some fumbles. But who will fumble them? I don’t know.

Not very great analysis, but the point is that the game will be a great one. I have the edge to Denver but having seen the Seahawks play against the 49ers three times this year, it could go either way. It will be a fun game. I hope you all enjoy it. I see a 31-17 Broncos win, but if I am wrong, I would not be surprise.

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