Is New Era dropping the 59FIFTY batting practice caps and reverting back to the 39THIRTY model?

Is the 39Thirty back?

Remember last year when MLB and New Era agreed to make their batting practice caps with the 59FIFTY model? It was well-received and I was a fan of it. But was this just a one-year thing.

According to New Era’s United Kingdom site (and not on the USA site) they are reintroducing the 39THIRTY model for batting practice and spring training along with upcoming regular season games. Check out their page right here.

Not only that, but there are several teams with different designs. Check out the description of these caps.

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Should Broncos change uniforms following ugly Super Bowl loss?

Broncos are 0-4 wearing orange jerseys in the Super Bowl.

Take this blog entry as a time for me to ponder something that has no real effect on the team but could possibly influence their psyche.

Following their ugly loss this past Sunday in the Super Bowl, the Broncos are now 0-4 while wearing orange jerseys in the Super Bowl. The combined points scored by those four teams is 38. And with the last team featuring the best offense in league history, it’s a real shock.

Of course, the jersey they wore in those four games didn’t really affect the outcome of the game. The players and coaches’ decisions did. The uniforms are just uniforms.

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Did Royals return favor to Lorde with their new season slogan?

George Brett signing autographs. The image inspired the hit song “Royals.”

As some of you may know, the title of the hit song “Royals” by teen sensation Lorde was inspired by an old photo of George Brett. Lorde said that a photo of a Kansas City Royals player from National Geographic inspired to come up with the title of the song.

As confirmed by National Geographic, the only image they have in their archive of someone from the Royals is that image of Brett. So we can safely assume that that photo is the one that inspired that great song.

The Kansas City Royals on Monday unveiled their new slogan for the 2014 season and as you can see in the above tweet, it says “Be Royal.”

That’s not a big deal, except the first line of the hit song’s chorus says: “And we’ll never be royals.”

Well, the team is encouraging you to be Royal. Did the actual song inspire the team’s new slogan for the season? Possibly. But with their already strange and fascinating connection with one another, I wouldn’t be surprised at all.