Should Broncos change uniforms following ugly Super Bowl loss?

Broncos are 0-4 wearing orange jerseys in the Super Bowl.

Take this blog entry as a time for me to ponder something that has no real effect on the team but could possibly influence their psyche.

Following their ugly loss this past Sunday in the Super Bowl, the Broncos are now 0-4 while wearing orange jerseys in the Super Bowl. The combined points scored by those four teams is 38. And with the last team featuring the best offense in league history, it’s a real shock.

Of course, the jersey they wore in those four games didn’t really affect the outcome of the game. The players and coaches’ decisions did. The uniforms are just uniforms.

But with the string of bad luck, should they make a uniform change to hopefully give themselves a fresh start. After all, the team’s first Super Bowl win came when navy was the team’s primary jersey color. Their second one came when wearing white, which is 1-1 in the Super Bowl in franchise history.

If the team does decide to make a change, are they admitting that they’re superstitious. Superstition isn’t out of the norm in sports, so it’d be interesting if they take that approach.

Would they go with a complete overhaul and not make orange their primary? Or would they just make their navy jerseys, which was relegated to alternate status two seasons ago, back to their primary?

If they got with the latter, that’s my preference as their uniform set looks a whole lot better with navy as their primary.

But if they go with a complete overhaul, then it’s a shame that we have to say farewell to a modern classic. Sure, the side stripes were a big shock to take in when it debuted in 1997, but it has stood the test of time and it actually has won me over. It’s not overbearing and it still is a very solid, simple look.

That’s just a thought and there is no confirmed rumors whether or not the Broncos are even considering it. But with all the talk about the unlucky orange jerseys, it’s not crazy to ponder the what ifs.


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