New Era’s confusing reveal of the new batting practice caps

If you see the above link, that is a story on the new batting practice caps that several teams are using as an alternate this upcoming season. I had seen a few of these before but didn’t write about it because I also came across this story that I did write about.

In my blog entry, I noted that the New Era UK site said that the team would be reverting back to the 39THIRTY model for this upcoming season. But apparently, after looking at the details, it seems that the site may have just mislabeled their description.

But if we look at the new information provided above, we see that several teams are adding a new cap to their style guide. They are the 59FIFTY model and a few of them are throwback designs. These likely will be used during spring training and throwback games. And more importantly, it could be a sign that all caps in the future could be part of the Diamond Era mesh design.

For now, we’ll just take these new caps as part of some kind of merchandising marketing ploy. Only one year after their big reveal and already their putting more different stuff on the shelves. That’s New Era and MLB for ya.


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