Derek Jeter announces that 2014 will be his final season

I hate the Yankees. I hate everything about them. I cannot stand them. But there were only two players that I admired on that team. Last year, Mariano Rivera had his farewell tour. This season, it’s Derek Jeter’s turn.

Click the above photo to his official announcement on his Facebook page.

Watching him on the evil team sucked for me as he continuously gave the Oakland A’s fits, but he was a great hitter, a great defensive player and was a great teammate. He seems like a good guy and was a perfect fit for the Yankees. He was a great captain.

I will never let go of the flip in 2001, but I hate him for that because he’s so damn good. Thank you, DJ. I will make an effort to see you play one last time.

This amazing play will haunt me forever.


If you like the NFL ugly sweaters, the MLB ugly sweaters are coming too

When the NFL ugly sweaters made the waves around the Internet over the weekend, I noticed that there were placeholders for MLB versions to it.

As confirmed by Forever Collectibles, the company behind the ugly sweaters, the MLB placeholders are indeed used for a soon future release of the MLB sweaters.

I am curious as to what these will look like. I will get an ugly sweater but I don’t know which sport I want to go with. Baseball is my favorite sport, but football works so much better since it actually is a sport that runs through winter. It will all depend on the design whenever it’s released.

I am excited to see which one I will get. They don’t currently have all the MLB teams listed with placeholders, but that may change.

The placeholder on Clark Toys’ site.

Mitchell & Ness to roll out series of Michael Jordan throwbacks

Mitchell & Ness has teamed up with Nike to produce Michael Jordan throwbacks for the next three years, commemorating his great moments such as “The Shot” and his various all-star game moments.

Even though M&N has produced Jordan jerseys in the past, they have never done so in a series like this to celebrate the great one’s career.

One issue, however, is that there weren’t too many changes to the Bulls’ uniform during Jordan’s career. Aside from a move from a cursive script to their current script and the name tags going from sans serif to serif, there isn’t much. But that’s where the creativity comes in from M&N. All-star games, NBA Finals jersey with patches and other great moments have these little differences that they surely will capitalize on.

Let’s see how creative they can get. These will retail at $250-$300. For the press release, click here.