Everyone needs to go out and get Space Jam 2K14

Bugs Bunny being clutch.

Of course such a game doesn’t really exist. But thanks to MkEliteWorksX for uploading this mod, he’s got NBA 2K14 into Space Jam.

This isn’t the first time he’s modded video games. Check out his mega-LeBron mod.

But to relive one of the best childhood movies through a modern video game is pretty neat. Check out the video and get your warm fuzzy feelings on. If only this game was real.


Waking up early to watch hockey was kind of confusing

That is confusing.

I woke up at 4:30AM this morning to watch USA vs Slovakia men’s hockey. That’s no problem. I’ve woken up early for games before so this was nothing new. Plus, I’m used to being up early.

But I was a little sleepy and in watching the game, I encountered a problem that I know other people had too: the teams had very similar uniforms.

Since all the hockey jerseys are made by Nike, several have similar template designs. Because of that, I had to constantly remind myself that USA was wearing white since both teams had the exact same color scheme. Looking at Slovakia, they could easily be mistaken for the USA team.

After each USA goal, I had to do a double take to make sure I knew which team wearing red, white and blue scored. Other teams have distinct enough designs, which is good.

This is the problem when the same manufacturer sacrifices creativity and just outfits everybody with the same template. Fortunately, this confusing matchup is unlikely to surface again in the Olympics. But still, can Nike get a little creative?