Is it un-American of me if I don’t care if the Americans do well at the Olympics?

Sure, I would like to see the USA win the gold medal, but I am not going to make a big deal about it if they don’t.

I enjoy the Olympics because it’s a gathering of the best athletes in the world competing in sports. That alone is why I tune in to watch. Do I care who wins? Not really. Unless there is a great storyline that’s tied into a gold medal chase, I really am indifferent.

Sure, I do want the US to do well but it’s not the reason why I cheer. Sometimes there are better athletes in other countries and I want them to do well. Or maybe there is a better redemption story for a team that is not an American and I want them to do well. Does that make me un-American?

I actually enjoy watching games and competitions that don’t feature any Americans. If the matchup is that good, then I’ll watch it. And sometimes, I want them to win — even if it’s against an American player.

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