Is it un-American of me if I don’t care if the Americans do well at the Olympics?

Sure, I would like to see the USA win the gold medal, but I am not going to make a big deal about it if they don’t.

I enjoy the Olympics because it’s a gathering of the best athletes in the world competing in sports. That alone is why I tune in to watch. Do I care who wins? Not really. Unless there is a great storyline that’s tied into a gold medal chase, I really am indifferent.

Sure, I do want the US to do well but it’s not the reason why I cheer. Sometimes there are better athletes in other countries and I want them to do well. Or maybe there is a better redemption story for a team that is not an American and I want them to do well. Does that make me un-American?

I actually enjoy watching games and competitions that don’t feature any Americans. If the matchup is that good, then I’ll watch it. And sometimes, I want them to win — even if it’s against an American player.

This isn’t to say that I am against America, but there’s a part of my love for America that doesn’t stretch out as some people do. I will never say this. I guess it’s because I love my country, but I love the world a lot more. I don’t place my country on a higher pedestal or try to belittle other countries. As an American, I am lucky that my family was given this opportunity. As a person who has family outside this country, I appreciate their culture and what they have to offer too. America has had a lot of good things and sometimes the other country needs the win more. Or other times, America doesn’t deserve to win.

One thing for certain is that when the Olympics come around, I watch it because I see the best of the best. And with that, that might mean I want to see non-Americans win.

I guess my outlook during the Olympics is never wanting the USA to always win the medal count. Does that even matter? Just let me enjoy the games and whoever wins, wins. I love the Olympics for what it is, a united gathering of the best athletes in the world. It’s not an “America is better than you” festival. I want them to do well, but it’s not my priority.

So go America and go everyone else.


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