Buccaneers unveil new and enhanced logo and helmet

New Buccaneers logo.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled their new helmet, their first helmet design change since 1997. Here are the differences.

Here are the changes and additions.

  • The logo is simplified with new skull. The swords and football is still there, but it just seems like a change that wasn’t necessary. Flag is still tattered. The original logo was just fine as is. I do not like the absence of red from the handle of the sword.
  • The wordmark is not good to me. Their original one was nice and this simplified version takes away the aggression of the identity.

Why is the logo that big?

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Did Klay Thompson join Twitter just for a promotion and to boost merchandise sales for the Warriors?

The Warriors are having Social Media Night again and part of the night will feature these new shirts that feature the Twitter handles of the players.

It’s a great promotion and these shirts are cool. However, there was one thing that caught me by surprise and it was the timing of this and Klay Thompson’s “return” to Twitter. I was unaware that Thompson was ever on Twitter. In fact, he hasn’t been on Twitter until he miraculously revived it two days ago.

Prior to the All-Star break, Thompson did not have a Twitter account. The Warriors acknowledged this as part of their lineup announcement all season long.

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Meet the artist behind the “Disappointing Moments in Cleveland Sports” coloring book

One of the many pages you can color in the new book of the history of disappointing Cleveland sports moments.

One of the many pages you can color in the new book of the history of disappointing Cleveland sports moments.

EDIT: The fundraising period has ended with 820 backers donating $23,964 to the project. 

You may or may not be a fan of Cleveland sports teams, but you are familiar with the history of heartbreak the Browns, Cavaliers and Indians have given their fans over the years. From The Drive to The Shot, Cleveland fans have experienced a lot of heartbreak from their favorite teams since their last professional championship in 1964. It’s such a common thing for Cleveland sports to fail, that even Cleveland sports blogs have adopted that mentality

Scott O’Brien, a native of Cleveland who now lives in Los Angeles, decided to gather all the heartbreak he’s endured over the years as a fan of these three teams and put together a coloring book based on it. It’s an odd thing that has gained enough attention that his Kickstarter project has already exceeded its funding goal with more than three weeks left.

In an interview with But at the End of the Day, O’Brien explains his decision to create this coloring book.

“The book idea came out of nowhere,” O’Brien says. “I was sitting in L.A. traffic and I heard about the Browns firing their front office again and it just kind of clicked to me.”

O’Brien, father of a one-year old daughter, realized that another heartbreaking moment had just occurred and his kid will never understand his pain. He then thought about a possible way of explaining it to her when she grows up.

“There’s no way of explaining what I went through as a Cleveland fan growing up in the `80s,” O’Brien reflects. “I thought a coloring book would be a fun way to show her the history and why Cleveland fans are bummed out more than just a specific team you like.”

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