Did Klay Thompson join Twitter just for a promotion and to boost merchandise sales for the Warriors?

The Warriors are having Social Media Night again and part of the night will feature these new shirts that feature the Twitter handles of the players.

It’s a great promotion and these shirts are cool. However, there was one thing that caught me by surprise and it was the timing of this and Klay Thompson’s “return” to Twitter. I was unaware that Thompson was ever on Twitter. In fact, he hasn’t been on Twitter until he miraculously revived it two days ago.

Prior to the All-Star break, Thompson did not have a Twitter account. The Warriors acknowledged this as part of their lineup announcement all season long.

Then two days ago, miraculously, Thompson appeared on Twitter. And after announcing his return, his second tweet was to promote Social Media Night.

Thompson has not tweeted since. And conveniently, he has a Twitter account right before the big event which allows the team to sell these shirts to make money.

Did the Warriors tell Thompson to get on Twitter? Did they make one for him just for this event to promote themselves and make some extra merchandising money?

In terms of business, it’s a smart move and I have nothing against it. But if they were going to do this, at least start up his Twitter sooner so it’s not that obvious. Oh well. More money for the Warriors now because of this.

Klay Thompson has tweeted twice since getting his Twitter account started.


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