How the Browns-Harbaugh trade could have worked out

Jim Harbaugh in Cleveland?

So there have been conflicting reports and denials by the 49ers that the supposed proposal to trade Jim Harbaugh to the Browns for draft picks is false.

Of course, both sides could easily deny it just to save face, but we will never know if it was true.

However, if it was true and multiple draft picks were involved, then we have to wonder if that was the only thing on the table or something else prevented the deal from happening. Also, that would mean the 49ers would have to promote Greg Roman or Brad Seely as the new head coach. Or steal David Shaw from Stanford.

Using my logic, these are the terms to the trade that would make it fair for both sides.

Browns receive:

  • Rights to head coach Jim harbaugh

49ers receive:

  • 2014 first round picks (4, 26)
  • 2014 second round pick (35)
  • 2015 first round pick
  • 2016 second and third round pick
  • Annual passes for two to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for next 10 years
  • Season tickets to Cleveland Indians for 2014-2020 for entire staff
  • Lifetime supply of sandwiches from the Melt Bar
  • Drew Carey to tell jokes at all front office birthday parties
  • Craig Ehlo’s tears in a mason jar
  • Three artifacts from the Cleveland Art Museum
  • Key to the city
  • Fast pass through the lines at the WestSide Market
  • Cleveland Orchestra performs the player introductions at Levi’s Stadium
  • Halle Berry and Tom Hanks will star in a movie about the 49ers, narrated by John Lithgow
  • Devo will perform at all halftime shows
  • Toni Morrison will pen three poems about San Francisco
  • A White Castle franchise will be moved to a concession stand inside the new stadium
  • Chili must also be sold at Levi’s Stadium

All of this seems fair in my opinion. If neither team can agree to those terms, then the deal had no chance of ever happening.


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