After a few days with the WWE Network, here are my thoughts

Watching Wrestlemania VI is pretty awesome.

When the WWE Network was announced a while back, I was excited because of the archival library of wrestling classics I could watch. Also, the fact that I can live stream the upcoming pay-per-view events would be the kicker. And for the price of $9.99 a month, it was a steal.

But of course before committing to such a purchase (I have to get at least six months for the deal), I was smart enough to get their free trial run first and determine in that one-week period whether or not I want to buy the WWE Network. After a few days with it here are some thoughts on the new network.

One thing that they did deliver on is the iconic matches of history in ever single pay-per-view from the WWE, WCW and ECW. That’s a whole lot of hours of watching great matches. That is great and the growing archive of great documentaries, I believe will continue to grow. It’s still so much for me to take in that I don’t know what I should be watching half the time I log into the network. I guess that’s a good thing that I am overwhelmed, but we’ll see.

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