After a few days with the WWE Network, here are my thoughts

Watching Wrestlemania VI is pretty awesome.

When the WWE Network was announced a while back, I was excited because of the archival library of wrestling classics I could watch. Also, the fact that I can live stream the upcoming pay-per-view events would be the kicker. And for the price of $9.99 a month, it was a steal.

But of course before committing to such a purchase (I have to get at least six months for the deal), I was smart enough to get their free trial run first and determine in that one-week period whether or not I want to buy the WWE Network. After a few days with it here are some thoughts on the new network.

One thing that they did deliver on is the iconic matches of history in ever single pay-per-view from the WWE, WCW and ECW. That’s a whole lot of hours of watching great matches. That is great and the growing archive of great documentaries, I believe will continue to grow. It’s still so much for me to take in that I don’t know what I should be watching half the time I log into the network. I guess that’s a good thing that I am overwhelmed, but we’ll see.

I also like that like a network, they have shows that air live too. Especially before and after RAW, watching the preshow and the postshow is really nice continue on with the program. That is impressive to me and the quality is outstanding. That is worthy of praise.

There are a few hiccups that I don’t know if they will be solved. If I am logged into the Network on my Google Chrome browser at home, I can’t log in to watch it on my Google Chrome browser at work or any other computer. I have to log out of my home computer in order to watch it elsewhere. Yet on my WWE app for my XBox, it still does not recognize my log in information. That’s a shame. I still am forced to watch on my computer for now.

Also, the streaming quality is grainy sometimes. But I suppose it just might be my Internet connection. But it takes a while to reload up if I decide to fast forward a match that I am watching.

Ultimately, for the price that I am paying (or will be), it’s a good deal. Just getting the pay-per-views alone makes it worth it. The library archive is just a bonus.

This is for a real wrestling fan. There are hours and hours of great stuff you can dig through and still be entertained by the new products they have out and the live shows. I still haven’t seen any of their original shows yet so that’s what I am looking forward to.

So for the first few days, it gets my stamp of approval. But the biggest challenge is how it will work out when Wrestlemania comes through.


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