Opening Day is here for me and I am so excited!

Opening Day 2013.

As you are reading this, I am driving from LA to Oakland. It’s probably raining so I have to be careful. But the drive is worth it. I haven’t missed Opening Day in five years.

It’s an exciting day for me. This is when baseball season for me starts, a chance to see the potential beginning of another magical season.

The expectations are high for this team and I want to remain optimistic. And that’s what Opening Day is. Every fan can have that optimism, that there could be something amazing in the future. It may not mean a World Series win or even a third place finish, but Opening Day is a day of hope.

Hope is what makes baseball’s opening day beautiful. I’m excited for this! Go A’s!


Spartans made me sad

Sloppy play.

Lost of composure.

MSU just didn’t play their best.

My brackets are in shambles and as a Spartans fan, I am sad.

LeBron James is ridiculously greedy for more money

LeBron James is the best player in his sport. He makes a ton of money in endorsements. He is making $19M for this season.

He’s an international icon. He’s a millionaire. He’s on top of the world. Yet when he found out about Miguel Cabrera’s big new contract, James got jelly.


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The curious case of DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson could carry a lot of baggage with him to his next team.

The Eagles released DeSean Jackson. That came shortly after this report suggest that Jackson was affiliated with gangs. Jackson later released a statement claiming that he has never been part of a gang.

So what do the wide receiver-needy teams do with Jackson? Do they take him on his word or look at his past and see if that would be baggage they do not want to deal with?

Jackson is coming off a tremendous season and is still very effective on the field. As a speed demon, he’s one of the best. If he’s set out to return punts, he can also make big plays. He’ll also make dumb plays. But if you look at his overall skill, he’s a wide receiver that would be a great addition to any team.

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Johnny Manziel’s pro day was one of the most perfectly-orchestrated product placement opportunities in sports history

Johnny Manziel was decked out in Nike for his pro day workout.

The eyes of the football world was on Johnny Manziel as he hit the field for this pro day late Thursday morning. NFL Network had live coverage. ESPN had live coverage. Everyone was on their Twitter trying to get all the updates. It was a major event for one of the most talked about draft prospects in recent years.

Manziel came out to a playlist of current rap and hip hop tracks which included Rick Ross and Drake. The music blared over the the practice facility as George Bush, Sr. and his wife Barbara watched on. Manziel had a very good showing and the overall individual pro day was a success.

Out of all that, Nike ended up as the winner for the entire event.

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You can be the biggest Utah Jazz fan on the highway!

I guess if you are really into vanity plates or having your sports teams on your tag, this is the way to go.

I’ve always wondered if I would do such a thing. I already have my own car and I did not go for vanity plates because I am more than just a sports fan. Plus, I don’t have that kind of money to pay.

But then again, the Peanuts plates are coming and I cannot resist Snoopy.

Maybe I’ll just get a better frame.

I agree with decision to stop dunking on goal posts

The NFL will now penalize any player that dunks the football on the goal post. The celebration was grandfathered in when the league restructured their celebration rules a few years ago. Now dunking is no longer allowed.

Call the NFL if you want, but this rule makes sense. Dunking on the goal post was a harmless celebration. That was until last year when the above happened.

Of course it’s one incident, but it’s an incident that could happen again. The possibility of damaging NFL equipment and delaying the game is something the NFL wants to avoid.

Because of that, I agree with the decision. Now do I like it? No. I like dunks and it’s fun to watch. But here we are. Fade aways and hook shots are now the only basketball form of celebration we can rely on to make us happy.

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Adam Silver to consider nixing sleeved jerseys with enough player opposition

LeBron James can be our savior and nix the sleeves forever!

Never forget the 49ers helmet that almost was but never became

The 49ers reminded us on Twitter about the helmet they almost decided to adopt into their uniform. Fortunately, they decided to not go with it.

It is featured as one of my rotating banners atop this page.

It’s a part of history that I thought we could forget. But not the 49ers. They had to bring back up one last time.

May we never forget.

May we never forget.

The Opening Series was a perfect cash grab opportunity

Anytime Major League Baseball goes overseas for meaningful games, there’s always a great opportunity to make money. Merchandise sales go through the roof because fans who may never get a chance to see these big league players will buy all kinds of souvenirs.

What was odd about this trip overseas was that it affected the uniforms the players wore.

The patches on the cap were a give and is standard, but the jerseys and pants also had to go through some changes as well .

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